F:Good afternoon everyone. This is 82.0 FM. Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology Campus radio. This is Fiona speaking.

B:This is Bob speaking .

F:亲爱的听众朋友们,大家下午好,您现在收听到是调频82.0,辽宁科技学院校园广播,我是主播Fiona .


B:Perfect English news that you never hear !你从未听过的英语资讯!

F:The things that you never imagine!你从未想象到的事情! B:Coming up ,let?s turn into our English News!让我们一起走进今天的英语原生新闻。

B: Surprising new research suggests it can actually be good to feel bad at work, and that feeling good in the workplace can lead to negative outcomes.


F: The study of emotions in the workplace, edited by University of Liverpool researchers Drs. Dirk Lindebaum and Peter Jordan, is the topic of a Special Issue of the journal

Human Relations.

由英国利物浦大学研究人员德克·林登鲍姆(Dirk Lindebaum)博士和彼得·乔丹(Peter Jordan)博士编撰的关于工作中情绪的研究是《人类关系》杂志的一期特刊话题。

B: They found that the commonly-held assumption that positivity in the workplace produces positive outcomes, while negative emotions lead to negative outcomes, may be in need for reconsideration. This is partly due to this assumption failing to take into account the differences in work contexts which effect outcomes.


F: For instance, anger does not always lead to negative outcomes and can be used as a force for good through acting upon injustices. In some cases, anger can be considered a force for good if motivated by perceived violations of moral standards. 例如,愤怒并不总是带来消极结果,它还可以作为对待不公平现象的正义力量。在某些情况下,若因他人违反道德标准而激发的愤怒,会被认为是正义力量。

B: An employee, for example, could express anger constructively after a manager has treated a fellow worker



F: In such cases, anger can be useful to prevent these acts of injustice from repeating themselves in the future.

在这种情况下,愤怒可以有效阻止此类不公平现象在未来重演。 B: Likewise, being too positive in the workplace, rather than resulting in greater well-being and greater productivity, can lead to complacency and superficiality.


F: One article within the issue also finds that, within team situations, negativity can have a good affect, leading to less consensus and therefore greater discussion amongst workers which enhances team effectiveness.


B: An interesting contradiction is identified in another study of the special issue. Here, people derive satisfaction from doing “good” in the context of helplines by providing support to people in times of emotional distress.


F: However, they are negatively affected by their line of work due to people shunning them in social situations. e.g., since they might catch the emotional taint they attribute to the profession of the helpline workers.

然而,由于人们在社交场合的回避,又使他们对这项工作产生消极情绪。例如,他们可能把捕捉情感缺陷归因于接线员这个职业。 B: Lindebaum said, “The findings of the studies published in this Special Issue challenge the widely held assumption that in the workplace positive emotions generate or engender a positive outcome, and vice versa.

林登鲍姆(Lindebaum)说:“发表在特刊的研究发现挑战了人们的普遍观念,即在工作中积极情绪会产生积极结果,反之亦然。” F: “This Special Issue adds to our knowledge and understanding of how the positive and negative dynamics affect the working environment and has practical application and relevance in the workplace.”


B:The most interesting gossip news.最为有趣的八卦娱乐资讯。 F:Analysing news in a diffident view.从不同的视角分析问题。 B:Coming up and look what happened just now.让我们一起来了解最近都有哪些好玩的娱乐新闻发生。

B: In a curious twist, neither Holmes nor Watson was present to collect the record haul of seven Emmy awards won by the hit BBC series Sherlock in Los Angeles on Monday night.

本届艾美奖(Emmy Awards)上,英国广播公司(BBC)的热播系列剧《神探夏洛克》(Sherlock)一举斩获破纪录的7项大奖,奇怪的是,无论是“福尔摩斯”还是“华生”,都没有出席周一晚上在洛杉矶举行的颁奖典礼。

F: The surprise victory for them, and for a series produced on a fraction of the budget of big US TV dramas that dominate the event, highlights the financial boost that Sherlock has provided for the BBC. It said last month that the series is now its most lucrative export, licensed to 224 territories worldwide – more than any other programme.


B: “Sherlock is our best-selling programme, and won more awards than any other programme last night at a fraction of the cost of the American shows,” said Ben Stephenson, controller of BBC drama.

“《神探夏洛克》是我们最畅销的节目,只用美剧一小部分的成本就在昨晚斩获了比其他任何节目更多的奖项,”BBC电视剧财务主管本?斯蒂芬森(Ben Stephenson)说。

F: Financial results for the broadcaster’s commercial arm last month revealed that BBC Worldwide had generated profits of ?174m to be returned to the BBC, an 11 per cent rise on the previous year, and equivalent to 10 per cent of the annual content funding budget for BBC TV programmes.


B: Conceding that Sherlock has made a “huge amount of money” for the broadcaster, Mr Stephenson was initially surprised at the rapturous reception the show received in America, where it is licensed to the channel PBS.


F: Nevertheless, Sherlock’s global success has broken many records. The BBC says the third series – where Mr Cumberbatch’s detective miraculously returns to sleuthing after seemingly plunging to his death from the roof of Bart’s Hospital at the end of series two – has received more than 70m hits on the Chinese digital platform Youku.

不管怎样,《神探夏洛克》在全球范围内取得的成功打破了许多项纪录。BBC称,第三季在中国的在线平台优酷(Youku)上的点击超过了7000万次。康伯巴奇饰演的夏洛克在第二季末尾似乎从圣巴塞洛缪医院(St Bartholomew's Hospital,简称Bart's Hospital)楼顶跳下身亡,第三季则讲述了夏洛克奇迹般地回归侦探生涯。

B; Fans around the world are waiting with breathless anticipation for series four, and screenwriter Mr Moffat revealed he had a “devastating” plan for the next instalment. 全世界的粉丝都在屏气凝神地期待着第四季,编剧莫法特透露,对于下一季,他有一个“毁灭性”的计划。

F: “We’ve practically reduced our cast to tears by telling them the plan,” he said in an interview after the awards ceremony on Monday night.


B: Mr Stephenson said: “This is not hyperbole.” He

confirmed that the BBC will film a “special with a big twist” in January, followed by a three-part series filmed in 2015, with no fixed date for broadcast.


F: He said he was confident that sales of this series would eclipse the success that series three has enjoyed.


B: “The amazing thing about Sherlock is that every time we’ve done it, sales and ratings have gone up,” he added. “We sold to 224 countries last year, and I think that will continue to rise. Obviously there are only so many countries in the world, but maybe we’ll start selling it to the aliens next.” “《神探夏洛克》的一个惊人之处在于每次我们完成一季,销量和评级都会上升,”他补充道,“我们去年把剧集卖给了224个国家,我认为这个数字还会继续上升。显然这个世界只有这么多的国家,也许我们以后可以开始卖给外星人了。”

B:Drink a cup of coffee and listen some music.喝一杯咖啡,听一听音乐。

F:Slow your feet and listen the songs from your heart.放慢脚步,感受来自心灵歌声。

B:Turning to our best English Songs.下面进入我们今天的英语原声歌曲时间。

B:A good movie is the best of friend , the same today and forever . 一部好的电影相伴一生。

F:A good movie could create normal personality.一部好的电影可以塑造人格。

B:Take you watch the movie in a different view.带你用不同的视角品味电影,走入我们今天的电影世界。


F:How time flies,easy campus life,easy English learning. Now we have to say goodbye.今天的节目到这里就要结束了。

B:Thank you for your listening .See you at the same time next week.感谢您的收听,我们下周同一时间再见。

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