【801】The One After I do

sogo转帖『英语杂谈』801-804 学习笔记

1. slow swimmers 慢游泳者(?)

2. I’ll be right back! 我马上回来

3. Bridesmaid女傧相。男生的伴郎叫 best man, 新娘 (bride) 也要選擇一位 maid of honor 作為伴娘. 同樣的 maid of honor 通常只能有一位, 所以另外還會有三到四位的 bridesmaid (女儐相) 作陪, 當然 bridesmaid 的地位就不如 maid of honor 來得那麼崇高了. 所以去當 maid of honor 算是一種榮耀. 有時我在跟老美談天時沒有話題可講, 我就會問問她們, “Have you ever been a maid of honor?“ (妳有沒有當過伴娘啊?) 如果她曾當過, 我保証她一定會興奮地滔滔不絕把整個過程講給妳聽. 一般而言 maid of honor 都是找未婚的女士擔任, 但如果有時候實在是找不到未婚的女士, 也可以找一個已婚的女士權充一下. 不過這時候就不叫 maid of honor 了, 而改叫 matron of honor.

4. Groom 新郎

5. I’m with child 我有孩子了(怀孕)

6. James Brolin

7. Sneaky 鬼鬼祟祟的

8. Ed Bergly 人名

9. Memorable 难忘的,值得记忆的

10. Slippery 光滑的

11. Sweet Lord乔治-哈里森的著名歌曲

12. Botanist 植物学家

13. Hottie of the plant world. Hottie=hot water bottle.

14. Bump up 突然增加,提高

15. Bend your arms 弯曲你的胳膊

16. Dinner will be served. 晚餐就要开了!

17. Misleading 误导

18. Dumb 哑的不说话的

19. Knocked-up,1)倦得要死了。2)弄大了肚子

20. Get off the phone 放下电话

21. Peed on the stick right 尿的合适(?)

22. Let you go first. 你先来

23. Freakishly tiny feat,Freakishly异想天开的,朝三暮四的。

24. Nudity 裸体

25. Clumsy idiot 笨拙的蠢货

26. Financial aspects 财务方面

27. Be upset over something 对某事沮丧

28. Disposable camera 一次性相机

29. Radisson,Radisson Hotel 纽约拉笛逊酒店

30. Porn TV programme 黄色电视

31. Mashuga nut 一种食品

32. Score 分数

33. A tiny salt shaker 小盐瓶

34. Salt-and-pepper set 椒盐

35. The raw sexual magnetism 原始的性吸引

36. Barn 谷仓

37. Sunglass Hut,Sunglass Hut眼镜零售店,一种著名眼镜品牌

38. Cheer up 使高兴起来

39. Screw up 使振作起来

40. Dressed-up people 打扮好的人们

41. Tux 男士无尾半正式晚礼服

42. Rip off this Band-aid 撕掉邦迪

43. Scram 紧急刹车;滚开

44. Your car will be towed. 拖走

45. Salami Buddy,Salami为意大利腊肠,

46. What does the Tag say? TAG,怀孕化验签

47. Special bond ,特殊友情,深厚友情,Sam and I developed a very special bond over the next fourteen years. It seemed nothing that happened could ever change that.

48. Call it even 扯平了

49. Bermuda 百慕大

50. Bahama巴哈马

51. Speedo 运动服装品牌

52. Chicken parm,不知是不是Chicken Parmesan,parmesan是意大利干酪(脱脂制成)。

53. It’s a emergency! 紧急!

54. They bumped them up to first class! 他们升级到头等舱位。

55. Grab my ass! 抓住PP(?)

56. The key skinning place.

57. Lounge 休息厅

58. It’s been one heck of seesaw, isn’t it? 查不到

59. Passionate 充满热情的

60. Indignant 大怒

61. Namaste! 这是一句佛教用语,尼泊尔问候语,你好!用处很广

62. Brand-new 绝对新

63. Sonogram 声图,超声波图,可能是B超图的意思

64. Pottery barn,陶瓷大谷仓”(Pottery Barn)的家居专卖店,美国著名零售公司。

65. Alfresco 在户外,露天

66. Lamaze classes,lamaze为心理助产法

67. Uterus 子宫

68. Stick with 坚持做

69. Souvenir 纪念品

70. Such a rookie mistake! 新手错误

71. Fake-numbered 错号

72. Hoot (1) 猫头鹰叫声 (2)汽车喇叭声;汽笛声 (3)表示讨厌不满的叫

声或笑声。 not care a hoot 毫不在乎 (= not care two hoots)

73. Pervert motto 反常格言

74. A dry spell, 干旱期;持续一段时间的干旱天气.也特指很长一段没做爱了

75. sex-wise

76. Putty head 美俚,傻瓜

77. Backpack across Europe,背包旅行,穿越欧洲。Backpacker 背包客 from transpot ,

slow swimmers应该是指 游得比较慢的精子,


【802】The One With The Red sweater

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【807】The One With The Stain

【808】The One With The Stripper

【809】The One With The Rumor

1.Screw it, bring on the yam

Screw it 去他的

screw you 去你的吧

【810】The One With Monica’s Boots

【811】The One With Ross's Big Step Forward

【812】The One Where Joey Dates Rachel

【813】The One Where Chandler Takes A Bath

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【818】The One In Massapequa

【819】The One With Joey's Interview

【820】The One With The Baby Shower

【821】The One With The Cooking Class

【822】The One Where Rachel Is Late

【823-824】The One Where Rachel Has A Baby I/II

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their tail, (Demonstrates) or, uh, jumping to catch a frisbee. Laid out: get drunk; 喝醉了; 6. Chandler: No. You decided to go into the out-of-work actor business. Now that wasn't easy, but you did it! And I'd like to believe that when the right woman comes along, you will have the courage and the guts to say "No thanks, I'm married." Out-of-work : jobless, idle 7. Mrs. Tribbiani: Of course I knew! What did you think? Your father is no James Bond. You should've heard some of his cover stories. "I'm sleeping over at my accountant's," I mean, what is that? Please! Cover stories: 指JOEY父亲编造的理由,谎话 Sleep over: stay overnight; 过夜 8. Monica: Hello, Joey. (She whips back the curtain to reveal Joey's dad) Mr. Tribbiani: Oh! ...Hello, dear. (She whips the curtain shut in horror) Whip: To take or move by a sudden motion; to jerk; to snatch;在这里我理解是“猛地拉开”。那么whip back就是猛地拉回的意思了。 shut in:笼罩在 9. rock, hard place, me. Chandler这话是句成语“进退维谷” 他的意思是:我现在站在一块巨大的石头和一个很难挪步的地方之间。想一下,自然是进退都难吧。 10.clear the tracks就是扫清道路,Joey叫Phoebe闪开别挡道,别妨碍他报复Rachel上回看到他洗澡naked的事,没必要直译吧,差不多意思就行了 Clear the tracks for the boobie payback express. 别挡在我兑现boobie的快捷通道上 11.And I always figured, when the right one comes along, I'd be able to be a stand-up guy and go the distance... be the stand-up guy是否可以理解为我就会挺身而出 go the distance 类似于go out of one's way to do sth 不辞辛劳地做什么事 Joey虽然表面上看起来很花心,但他对real love &Ms Right 也有着自己的执着,而他爸的外遇行为伤了他的心,不仅是对他妈的不忠,也打击了他对real love 美好的梦想 joey 说的 a stand-up guy 应该是指一个能站得起来,靠得住的堂堂男子汉,能勇敢面对的人 go the distance 美国传统词典 “To carry a course of action through to completion.” 另外Babylon上的解释如下“fishish the race, complete the course” 例句为“If Mat begins a project,

he'll go the distance---he'll complete it." 我想Joey的意思应该是他会和那个人白头偕老的意思吧。 【114】The One With The Candy Hearts 我爱CHANDLER's 1. Woman: Hi, Ross. Ross: Hey. (stutters something incoherent) Chandler: Come on, Ross, you gotta get back in the game here, ok? The Rachel thing's not happening, your ex-wife is a lesbian—I don't think we need a third... stutters something incoherent:结结巴巴,语无伦次 2. Chandler: Oh, uh, listen, about tonight... Joey: No, no, no, don't you dare bail on me. The only reason she's goin' out with me is because I said I could bring a friend for her friend. don't you dare bail on me: 你敢背叛我? Bail on sb.: 背叛某人。 在115中,MONICA还说过一次:Wendy bailed. I have no waitress. WENDY食言了。我没有女招待了。 3. Chandler: Oh, what a crappy night! Crappy = terrible 4. Janice: Although, I have enjoyed the fact that, uh your shirt's been stickin' outta your zipper ever since you came back from the bathroom. stickin' outta your zipper = sticking out of your zipper; stick out 凸出来,露出来 5. Chandler: Excuse me. (gets up, jumps up and down while he zips his zipper up... other patrons look at him) How ya doin'? patron = regular customer 6.Cha-ching is a slang expression for the sound old style cash registers make on a sale total 7. stick a pin 就像用大头针把什么东西固定住,也就是保持这个话题, 基调,forget about the fact of her being lesbian for the moment,this is the line they had drawn before they started this conversation,so they should not cross that line during the conversation. 8. shoot the spot:crack the tough things, solve the problems 【115】The One With The Stoned Guy 我爱CHANDLER's 1. Chandler: So, it's a typical day at work. I'm inputting my numbers, and big Al calls me into his office and tells me he wants to make me processing supervisor. Big AL: 老板 2. Phoebe: Where are you going, Mr. Suity-Man? Chandler: Well, I have an appointment to see Dr. Robert Pillman, career co

unselor a-gogo. (pause) I added the "a-gogo." Mr. Suity-Man:衣冠楚楚,人模人样的 "go-go," comes from "à go-go," which is "French, 'in a joyful manner,' from 'gogo,' probably reduplication of the first syllable of 'gogue,' merriment, from Old French" (Amer. Heritage Dict., 1969). a gogo :一个很搞笑,很有趣的人或事 3. Joey: I'm telling you, that monkey is a chick magnet! She's going to take one look at his furry, cute little face and it'll seal the deal. chick magnet: A man who attracts women the way a magnet attracts iron shavings. 象磁场一样吸引女人的人。 4. Joey: You're not going to believe this! Chandler: It's OK. It's OK. I was always rooting for you two kids to get together. root for sb. to do sth.: 赞成某人做某事 5. Play hardball :玩儿狠的,来狠的,来硬的, Definition: to act aggressively and seriously, without sympathy for the other side Examples of use: The government promises to play hardball with companies who cheat in business. In the past, it was okay for a renter to be late in payments – now the landlord is playing hardball, and evicting families after one late payment. 6. Phoebe: (excited) Wow! It's huge! It's so much bigger than the cubicle. Oh, this is a cube. Cubicle: 这里指办公室一格一格的小办公空间 ------------------ 1.seal the deal这里该讲成“搞定” 2.blazed up a doobie;Smoked a joint;lit a bone;Weed;Hemp;Ganja;pot :都是“吸大麻” 3. he is stoned 吸毒以后兴奋 【116】The One With Two Parts, Part 1 【117】The One With Two Parts, Part 2 1. you'd be starin' at the business end of a hissy fit. 如果你在我生日时做出这样的事,那你看见的就是一个刚受过气的人(不会给你什么好脸色)。 have a hissy fit 意思是因为一些事情(通常是小事)而发彪,生气(freak out) the business end就是the receiving end,承受方,即受害人,被攻击目标,或承受不愉快事情的人,受气包.... 【118】The One With All The Poker 1.On Poker The One With All The Poker 是很多Fr

iends迷的最爱,诙谐幽默自不待言,其中还不乏朋友、情人间的相互支持的动人场面。只是其中的poker术语太多,有时真是不知所云。整理了部分出来,也许以后在宿舍楼道中的某个poker night中,你还能脱口而出两句呐! (Poker night is a night during which several people gather to play poker. For example: Are you going to come over for my poker night? It's Wednesday and we're starting at 8:00.) 先从基本名词开始吧! Suits就是我们说的花色,4个花色分别是黑桃(spades),红桃(hearts),方片(diamonds)和梅花(clubs)。洗牌是shuffle,reshuffle也是个常用词,特别在政治新闻里,说某个政党或政府要重组,也是reshuffle。抓牌是 draw card,出牌是 deal card。 下注一般是bet,下注时的那个红,兰色的小片片叫chip。monica说的“No blinds, everybody ante”中,ante和blinds都是下注的方式。ante是出牌(deal)前所下的注,而且不算作下回赌注中的一部分;blinds则恰恰相反,在不看自己的下一张牌时就下注,而且会成为下次赌注的一部分。 跟不跟是“in or out”,不玩了就说“I fold.”,我跟着你下注,“I am seeing you,I’ll see a bet。”Raise表示提高赌注,在一个limit game中(赌注有上限), 通常是raise the bet to the limit. Call是与对方的注持平(match a bet)如:“I’m calling you.” 一手牌(hand)比大小时,four of kind>full house>flush>straight。Four of kind是4张一样的,大概相当于4个炸弹。Full House是指5张牌中有3张一样的(3个k)和2张一样的(2个3),flush是5张牌都是同花不连成一句话,straight flush是同花顺,Straight是5张牌连成一句话(56789),但不同花色。 说到Monica提到的Cincinnati,这是一种家庭扑克牌(Home game)的玩法,又称之为Utah, Lamebrains, or California,widow game 和southern cross也与此相似。Cincinnati 的具体玩法是每个人都发5张牌,牌底朝下(face down),剩下的牌则放在桌子中央。先下一轮注(a round of betting),然后由牌童(houseman)或发牌人(dealer)揭开桌子中央底牌底(turn up the central card),每揭开一张又下一轮注, 在最后一张牌揭晓时(showdown),每个玩家选用他手上最好的5张牌比大小。 play for high stakes ——to risk a lot of money in a game  bluff —— to pre

tend you have better cards than you really do in a game of poker  2.Rachel: Settle what? Chandler: The... Jamestown colony of Virginia. You see, King George is giving us the land, so... Jamestown —— a town, established in 1607, in the U.S. state of Virginia which was the first town built by English people who went to live in North America  3.Monica: Yeah, I know. He can get really competitive. Phoebe: Ha. Ha, ha. Monica: What? Phoebe: Oh, hello, kettle? This is Monica. You're black. ) 最后一句的意思是“五十步笑百步。”摘录sogo做的详解如下: A:There's an old saying: "It's like the pot calling the kettle black." It was coined when most pots and pans were made of iron and, therefore, were, black. It means that you're accusing someone of something that really is reflective of you -- much like "It takes one to know one." Does that help?--From leeni 详解:古语有云,"It's like the pot calling the kettle black."乌鸦笑猪黑,“罐子笑壶黑”,因为很多铁制炊具为黑色。意思是,你在嘲讽别人时,其实自己也一样,就好像说,"It takes one to know one", 彼此彼此。 这里rach先说ross让人难以忍受,mon附议说,他有时的确让人发疯;pheebs就讽刺她说,乌鸦笑猪黑,你还不是一样。 4.It's gotta be like chips, or dip, or pretz.. 是pretzel,这是两个音节的食物 5.little playthings with yarn? 接ROSS的who makes me.. 能给你做小绒线玩具? ROSS看RACH走神,都忘了自己该说什么,CHAN就接了这么一句。 6.Could you want her more? 你还能怎么想她? 意思是ROSS已经想追求RACH想得不行了。 7.Dee, the sarcastic sister from Whats Happening ROSS明知道CHAN在说RACH,还装傻问是谁(Who? ),CHAN就说, 是Dee,“Whats Happening ”里面哪个犀利的小妹妹。 意思是,你说是谁,你还嫌我讽刺你讽刺得不够是不是。 “Whats Happening ”是美国七八时年代的一部情景喜剧,讲一个黑人家庭的事, 有些类似“Happy Days”,具体没有看过,不知道little playthings with yarn跟这部戏有没有关系。 8.Cross-Eyed Mary 这好象是来自于IRON MAIDEN的一首歌 是不是这样啊,女孩们刚学的扑克招数里有个eye con

tact trick,往左斜眼代表“缺梅花”之类的,男孩们就把这个trick戏称做Cross-Eyed Mary 【119】The One Where The Monkey Gets Away 1.suck-fest 就是suck,In Joey's opinion the movie "sucked" or was not enjoyable. In fact, it was a fest(ival) of unenjoyable. 2.chick-flick 所谓的文艺片,以女性为主题,A movie (flick) made almost exclusively to appeal to women (chicks). This is why the two boys thought it sucked. 3.clunky Clumsy in form or manner; awkward: 笨重的形态或举止笨重的;笨拙的: clunky high-heel shoes. 笨重的高跟鞋 4.Go bobcats bobcats 经常被用作高中运动队的名字,每个队都有吉祥物,可能他们的高中就用bobcats吧 ,而Go bobcats 就是“加油 bobcats”啦 monica试图用高中时经常用到的口号,唤起Luisa的回忆 【120】The One With The Evil Orthodontist 1. personal ad 自我简介,征婚广告 2. testosteroney testosterone 是一种男性荷尔蒙,睾丸酮,是雄性激素 androgens 的重要组成部分。 testosteroney不是正式的词,Phoebe 是用很形象的方式告诉 chandler 别老那么大男子主义。 3.if I'm hogging the ball too much you just jump right in there and take a couple punches because I'm telling you, this feels great. hogging the ball 指双打时强打同伴的球,rach 是把 barry 说成 the ball,“如果我强着骂他/揍他了,你也不用有什么顾虑,上去给几拳,很爽的” 【121】The One With The Fake Monica 1.popes into a volkswagen 随便说下自己的理解,不知道准不准确。 Chandler这句话该是针对Joey所说的,所以有必要看一下Joey的话: Joey: How do you get a monkey into a zoo? Chandler: I know that one! ...No, that's Popes into a Volkswagen. Pope是教皇,Volkswagen是很大众的车,教皇怎么可能屈尊做大众呢?不过Marcel虽然是Ross最亲密的伙伴,也摆脱不了他是只小猴的命运。猴子进动物园是很理所当然的事情,而Joey却问了这么白*的问题,所以Chandler调侃他说了Popes into a Volkswagen.言下之意,Joey你在说什么呢?Marcel不过是只猴子罢了,拜托别弄得他像教皇一样好吗! Actually, yesterday I asked one of my western friends about your questio

n. According to him, there's no such a punchline in western countries. Apparently, it's just another improvised joke from Chandler. You know how contextual, cynical and dry his jokes could be. And by the way, my friend also told me some funny fact that in their culture, there is often a joke about "How can you get a ____ inot a volkswagen.... " So, if you really want to mention the original meaning, I think probably this is the original shape of Chandler's joke. 2.Holden McGroin 实际上就是那意思,holding my groin的谐音,外国人造了许多假名字,有的搞笑,有的dirty.. 3.'and, my, dead, moher, says, you, are, it' 'it'在这里指代'(the)partner' 4.flame boy,pheo给joey的名字,这个名字给人gay的感觉,下面这个小家伙也叫flameboy Curious George doll is no longer curious Season 9 finale 也提过就是一只对什么都很感兴趣,好奇心很强的猴子,Curious George is a children's book written by Margret and Hans Rey. 罗斯养的猴子马塞尔进入了发情期,它冲入瑞秋的房间,瑞秋赶去拯救已经不及,她的“好奇乔治”玩偶已经被马塞尔“欺负”了。“好奇乔治”是一款猴子玩具,因此马塞尔被吸引“干了坏事”。 【122】The One With The Ick Factor 1.frame of graft,不是frame of graft. 是frame of Reference。意思是:我没有相关的经历来进行对比,(就是说他以前是处男嘛)。 2.That was gonna be my opener. OPENER是开场白。摩妮卡自己本来想说HEY,结果被伊森抢先说了,所以她说这本来是我的开场白。 【123】The One With The Birth 1. mucus plug是一种能堵住宫颈口的粘液,以避免细菌什么的进入子宫,伤害胎儿,ross说passed the mucus plug,是指产程发动时,mucus plug就会伴随血液流出来,这个过程也叫bloody show,也就是快生了。 2.You don't stop for chunky. Carol她们那么急去医院的路上还去买chunky玩具, ross在埋怨她们. 3. used to have those bumper stick Bumper sticker (rom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ) A bumper sticker is a message attached to the bumper of vehicle to get attention of others. They can be political or humorous, may or promote a or attack a particular stand on any issue.

Examples: (USA) Clinton Gore 96 [democratic party bumper sticker] (USA) Clinton Gone 96 [republican party bumper sticker] hoho 第二句是对rach说的,先前rach开ross玩笑被瞪,她抱怨为什么chan开就行,chan就说你得挑时间. 【124】The One Where Rachel Finds Out 1.Joey: Well, it's like, last night, I couldn't do the thing that usually makes me great. So I had to do all this other stuff. And the response I got... man, oh man, it was like a ticker tape parade! Chandler: Yes, I know, as it happens my room is very very close to the parade route. joey 形容他给女友服务得到的赞扬就像别人给自己开了个 ticker tape parade, chan 就说给你开 ticker tape parade 的时候, 我那屋就在parade route旁边, 什么都听得到 A ticker-tape parade is a parade event, held in a downtown urban setting, allowing the jettison of large amounts of shredded paper products from nearby buildings onto the parade route, creating a triumphal effect by the snowstorm like flurry. The term originated in New York City and is still most closely associated with it. The term ticker-tape refered originally to the use of the paper output of ticker tape machines, which were remotely-driven devices used in brokerages to provide updated Stock Market quotes. Nowadays, the paper product are largely waste office paper that has been cut using conventional shredders. In New York City, ticker-tape parades are not annual events but are reserved for special occassions. The first such parade was in October 1886 and was a spontaneous event following the dedication of the Statue of Liberty. Soon afterwards, city officials realized the utility of such events and began to hold them on triumphal occassions, at first only for extraordinary events, such as the return of Theodore Roosevelt from his safari in Africa. Up through the 1950s, the were commonly given to any visiting head of state, but the 1960s, following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, they became increasingly rare are generally reserved now for space exploration triumphs, military honors and sports championships. The section of lower Broadway through the Financial District that serves as the parade route

for these events is colloquially called the Canyon of Heros. 2.hammerhead 笨蛋 Carl 就是说自己讨厌Ed Begley, Jr.那个照片,应该是个环保的广告 第一季结结束。《六人行》Friends读书笔记-典故与习惯用语第一季(13-24) study 发表于 2005-12-2 10:36:05 上一篇:《六人行》Friends读书笔记-典故与习惯用语第一季(9-12)下一篇:新东方4+1口语课程完整版电子教材(包含电影听说)Re:《六人行》Friends读书笔记-典故与习惯用语第一季(13-24) 个人主页 | 引用 | 返回 | 删除 | 回复 thanksRe:《六人行》Friends读书笔记-典故与习惯用语第一季(13-24) nival(游客)发表评论于2006-8-26 12:04:37 发表评论:昵称:密码: (游客无须输入密码)主页:标题: 字号1234567 验证码:

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