China is ready for the opening of the annual session of its top legislature, with all delegations having arrived in Beijing, according to the session's press center on Sunday.


By Sunday evening, preparations for the first session of the 12th National People's Congress (NPC), scheduled to open on March 5, have been fulfilled, said the press center.


This year sees a newly-elected national legislature made up of 2,987 deputies from across the country.


Interpreters are rallied to provide simultaneous interpretation for deputies from ethnic groups, which usually keep using their own languages.


Documents for the meeting have been translated into languages used by the ethnic groups, including Mongolian, Tibetan, Uygur, Kazak and Korean.


Documents in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, German and Arabic languages will also be available for foreign media and diplomats during the session, the press center said.


This year's NPC session will witness more use of electronic documents to reduce the cost. Also, there were no welcoming ceremonies upon the arrival of NPC deputies.


Beijing police have canceled the traditional practice of escorting NPC deputies and political advisors with police cars on their way to the Great Hall of the People where the sessions are held. 今年,往年人大代表和政治局委员到场都由警车护送到人民大会堂,今年北京警方取消了这一惯例。

In January, the NPC Standing Committee said in a statement that expenditures will be tightened for the first session of 12th NPC.


It promised to limit the intensity and duration of traffic controls during the session and keep road closures to a minimum.


All deputies will eat at buffets without expensive food or alcohol, while extravagant galas, gifts and performances will not be arranged.


第二篇:十一届全国人大二次会议新闻发布会 32000字


? 新闻发布会主持人李连宁:


Good morning ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the press conference of the second session of the 11th National People’s Congress. I’m honored and pleased to have Mr. Li Zhaoxing, deputy secretary general and spokesman of the session with us this morning. I’m sure you’re all very familiar with him. Mr. Li will first speak about the agenda of the session and then answer questions related to the agenda and the work of the people’s congresses.



This press conference will last for about an hour. First, I’d like to give the floor to Mr. Li, who will brief you on the agenda of the session and the relevanting information related to the people’s congresses.

? 十一届全国人大二次会议发言人李肇星:


The second session of 11th National People’s Congress will open on the morning of March, 5th. It will last eight and a half days and close on the morning of March, 13th. The agenda of the session was adopted at the just concluded preparatory meeting and 171 member presidium was elected. Wang Zhaoguo was elected secretary general of the session. Following the preparatory meeting, the 1st meeting of the presidium was held, which appointed 14 standing chair persons. The program of the session was adopted and the executive chair persons of the preliminary meetings were specified. Li Jianguo, Wang Wanbing, Li zhaoxing, Zhao Shengxuan, and Youquan were appointed deputy secretary generals of the session. A decision was made on the methods of voting on bills and proposals at the session. The deadline for submitting them was set at 6 p.m. of March, 9th.

? 李肇星:


There are six items on the agenda of the session. Deputies will deliberate on the following reports: Report on work of the government, Report on planning, Report on budget, the work report of the NPC standing committee, the work report of supreme people’s court, and the work report of the supreme people’s procuratorate. This session is of crucial importance for mobilizing the Chinese people of all nationalities in an untied effort to show up confidence, overcome difficulties and promote the sound and fast growth of the society and the economy and to achieve new successes in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

? 李肇星:


Now I’d be happy to answer your questions.

? 新闻发布会主持人李连宁: 现在开始提问,请得到提问机会的记者先自报家门再提问题。为了给每一位出席记者能够有更多的提问机会,建议每位提问只提一个问题。下面开始提问。

Now the floor is open for questions. Please first identify your media affiliation. In order to give journalists to have a chance to ask questions, please limit yourself to one question only. 2009-03-04 11:04:34

? 中央人民广播电台记者:


I’m with China National Radio. Does the four-trillion yuan economic stimulus package of the Chinese government need to be approved by NPC or its standing committee? And how to avoid duplicate construction and inefficient investment from the point of view of NPC supervision?

? 李肇星:


The global economy crisis has had a major impact on the Chinese economy. In order to promote the steady and relatively fast growth of the economy, at the end of last year the Chinese government proposed an economic stimulus package worth four-trillion RMB yuan. 4万亿元投资是指中央政府拟于2年内投资1.18万亿元,带动地方政府和社会投资共约4万亿元。中央政府拟安排的投资需要列入年度中央预算,报经全国人大批准。

According to this economic stimulus package, the central government will invest 1.18 trillion yuan over the next two years, to generate a total 4 trillion yuan of local government and social investment. The investment to be made by the central government will be listed in the annual central government budget and submitted to the National People’s Congress for approval.

20xx年第四季度中央政府新增1000亿元投资计划已经下达,根据项目资金支出需要,当年已拨付的300亿元,国务院已经向常委会报告,在20xx年中央预算超收收入中列支,700亿元纳入20xx年预算,在20xx年拨付,符合法定程序。 The a hundred billion yuan of the additional central government investment decided in the fourth quarter of 2008, has already been arranged to meet the needs of various projects. 30 billion yuan has been disbursed in 2008, the state council has made a report to the NPC standing committee, and the money will be funded by the surplus revenue of the 2008 central budget. The remaining 70 billion yuan will be listed in this year’s budget and be disbursed in 2009. This is consistent with legal procedure.

? 李肇星: 今年初,国家新增1300亿元投资计划的所需资金也在20xx年度的预算当中拨付。

The 130 billion yuan of additional investment decided on early this year will also come from the 2009 annual budget.


In spending the four trillion yuan of investment, the state has taken the following measures to prevent duplicate construction and inefficient investment from the source. They are as follows: First, we will focus on the priority projects and determine the destination of investment on the scientific basis. Second, we will tighten scrutiny and select the best projects according to due procedure. Third, we will strengthen inspection and supervision to ensure the effective and proper use of the investment and avoid duplicate construction and inefficient investment.

十一届全国人大二次会议的重要议程就是审查批准20xx年国民经济和社会发展计划,审查批准20xx年中央预算,这次会议将会认真审查,并在今年全国人大常委会的监督工作中加强对计划和预算执行情况的监督。 To examine and approve the 2009 plan for national economic and social development and the 2009 central government budget, an important items on the agenda of the second session of the 11th NPC, the session will carefully review the two documents and to strengthen the supervision of their enforcement as part of the NPC standing committee’s supervision work for this year.

? 李肇星:


And I want to tell you that Chairman Wu Bangguo said on the December 27th, 2008, that if we comprehensively analyze changes in the situation, take full account of the various

challenges facing us, make careful arrangements and plans, show up confidence, boost our morale and work in a pragmatic manner, we will be able to implement the policies of the central government, to boost domestic demand, maintain economic growth, and promote people’s well being and we will surely be able to minimize the negative impact of the international financial crisis on our economy and to achieve the sound and fast growth of China’s economy and society.

? 俄罗斯通讯社记者:

Mr. Li, from the Russian news agency, can you give us some details about China’s military budget for 2009? Do you have some specific figures on that? Thank you.

谢谢。我是俄罗斯通讯社的记者,我想请问您,您能否向我们透露20xx年中国国防费预算的一些细节,包括向我们提供一些具体的数字。 ?


Thank you for raising this question. It gives an opportunity to set the record straight, because some of your colleagues have spread some untrue information in this regard.

? 李肇星: 你知道,中国是坚定地走和平发展的道路,我们是严格的按照《联合国宪章》和国际关系准则来办事。 As you know, China firmly follows the road of peaceful development and we strictly handle our affairs according to the UN Charter and the norms of international relations. 李肇星: 感谢你提这个问题,使我有机会对你的一些同行、同事在这个问题上散布的一些并不十分确切的消息进行


China’s defense expenditure for this year will increase modestly and let me share with you the details of this.


If you are really interested in it, I hope you will take out your pen and notepad, because I can assure you there are a number of figures involved, and your memory alone will not serve the purpose.

? 李肇星:


China has always paid attention to controlling the size of defense expenditure and set the defense expenditure at a level that ensures the coordinated development of national defense and our economy.


China’s national defense budget for the year of 2009 will be480.686 billion RMB yuan, an increase of 62.482 billion yuan compared with the actual spending of the previous year, and this represents an increase of 14.9%. In 2009, the defense budget will ccount for 6.3% of the total national budget, this represents a small decrease from the levels of the previous years.


The increased defense spending for 2009 will be mainly used for the following purposes: First, increase the salaries and benefits of our serviceman. We will adjust the subsidies and allowances of serviceman, so that our serviceman will enjoy rising living standards in line with the development in China’s economy and society, the rising income of civil servants and the rising standards of living for urban and rural residents in China. I’m sure you know that in China we have a tradition: the military loves the people and the people supports the military. So as the general public need better lives, the serviceman also need to improve their living standards appropriately.



? 李肇星: 此外,我们还需要加大军队信息化建设的投入,适应军事变革需要,还要适当增加装备及其配套设施的建设经费,提高军队在信息化条件下的防卫能力。加强军队抢险救灾、反恐维稳等非战争军事行动的应急能力建设,提高军队应对多种安全威胁,完成多样化军事任务的能力,支持驻四川汶川地震灾区受灾部队基础设施恢复重建。

Secondly, we will increase spending on informatization in the armed forces to meet the needs of revolution in military affairs while appropriately increase spending on equipment and supporting facilities and increase the military’s abilities to carry out defensive operations in IT assisted conditions. Thirdly, we will increase spending on capacity-building programs of the military so that they can better carry out tasks such as disaster relief, counterterrorism and stabilization as well as other non-combat emergence operations. And we will ensure that the military will be able to counter a variety of security threats and accomplish diversified military tasks. Fourth, we will increase spending to those armed forces stationed in the earthquake-hit areas in Sichuan, so that they can better help with the reconstruction of local infrastructure.


? 你知道,中国的人口超过13亿,中国的国土面积没有你们俄罗斯那么大,但是也有大约960万平方公里,我们还有300多万平方公里的管辖海域。考虑到这些因素,中国的国防投入在世界各国当中,应该说是相对比较低的。

You know that China has a population of over 1.3 billion, although we are not as large as Russian, China’s territory is about 9.6 million square kilometers, and we have over three million square kilometers of adjacent waters under our jurisdiction. So taking all these factors into consideration, China’s defense spending is relatively low in the world.


The share of China’s defense spending in our own GDP is about 1.4%, we will raise a figure for the United States is about 4%, and for the UK, France and some other countries, about 2%. China’s limited military power will be solely used for the purpose of safeguarding

sovereignty and territorial integrity. This will not pose a threat to any country.


In accordance with our Budget Law and National Defense Law, we strictly control budgetary allocations for defense expenditure. Each year the defense budget is listed in the draft national budget and submitted to the NPC for examination and approval. In 2007, the Chinese government formally joined the UN standardized instruments for reporting military expenditures and has since then submitted reports to the United Nations every year. There is no such a thing as so called hidden military expenditure in China.


? 发言人你好,我是代表凤凰卫视和凤凰网提问。第一个问题,我们发现今年的人大会期才8天半,相比往年会期有所缩减,除了节俭的考虑以外会不会有其他的考虑?比如避免出现像去年的被动?第二个问题,广东省人大给人大代表每年每人一千块钱的补贴,理由是为了提高代表提案的质量,您认为这种行为是不是合法?因为有外界舆论说,他们是人大代表,这是他应尽的责任,为什么还要倒给补贴?如果您认为是合法,会不会在全国推行?谢谢。

I’m with phoenix TV. This year the NPC session will last 8 days and a half. This is shorter than previous NPC sessions. Why is this? Do you want to save the budget for organizing the conference or do you want to avoid the passive situation which you were in last year? My second question is this, the people’s congress of the Guangdong province has given its own deputies 1000 yuan each in order for them to improve the quality of their bills and proposals. Some people have countered this by saying that being elected as people’s deputies is a honor and it carries corresponding duties, so people’s deputies shouldn’t receive additional subsidies. Do you think this practice is consistent with the law and if it is, should it be rolled out across the country?


? 人大工作的特点是严格按照法律和法律程序办事,刚才主持人已经宣布,每位记者只提一个问题,可是您一共提了三个。

The defining features of the work of the NPC is to act strictly in accordance with laws and due procedure. The moderator said at the beginning of the conference each journalist should keep to only one question, but you raised three questions at a time.


Without establishing any precedent, I am still willing to answer all three of your questions. The year’s NPC sessions is shorter than before, this is because of the agenda of the session and because this year is a regular session. We don’t have items such as electing state leaders on the agenda of the session this year.


You’ve said the shorter of the period of the session this year may be related to our desire to cut

waste. I think that’s true, because we have been practicing economy all the time and it’s

actually set out in China’s Constitution that the state practices economy and opposes waste. 我们首先是在国家制定的大事上注意节约。比如刚才已经提到,我们要防止重复建设,防止低水平投资。在小事情上,我们也很注意节约。比如你们每位记者朋友到大会堂来的时候总是看到这里灯火通明,实际上平常如果没有活动,大会堂里的人都很注意走了以后随手关灯。

We are not only practicing economy on matters vital to the state, for example, as I’ve said before we have tried to avoid duplicate construction and inefficient investment. On small matters, we also want to avoid waste as well. Each time you come to Great Hall of the People you may see every room is brightly lit, but actually when there are no official functions in the Great Hall of the People, the staff will turn off the light when they leave the room.


You may not know this, but a few years ago we carried out a reform concerning the state banquet held by our president and premier in honor of visiting head of state and head of government on a state or official visit. After the reform is carried out, the menu is very short. There should not be more than three courses and one soup, and liquor will not be served during the state banquet.


? 你说的第二点,我认为是过虑了,是不是为了避开你所说的去年出现的所谓被动局面,不存在这个问题。

You also mentioned the second reason for shortening the period of the NPC session, I think that’s an unnecessary worry. We don’t want to avoid the so called passive situation that we were in last year, there is no such thing.


There are so many of you here in this room coming to cover the session. It shows we are actually at ease and very open-minded, and I know that more journalists and news officers of foreign embassies in China have registered to report the NPC session this year.


? 至于你提的第三点,地方人大及其常委会对为了方便代表工作提供补贴问题,以及提供补贴的方式由各地人大及其常委会依法自行决定。

You also mentioned the practice that some local people’s congresses and their standing committees have offered subsidies to people’s deputies in order to facilitate their work. As for whether such subsidies should be provided and the methods of providing subsidies, I think it’s the decision for the local people’s congresses and their standing committees to make on their own.


? 我是中央电视台和央视网记者。请问发言人,您曾作为外长多次在“两会”记者会上与公众见面,那么您现在就任人大外事委主任委员,并且是人大会议的发言人,是否觉得这个岗位更具有挑战性?您如何评价我国的民主法制进程?谢谢。

I’m with CCTV and CCTV.com. Mr. Li, you served as China’s foreign minister and held many press conferences in that compacity?, now you are the chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the national people’s congress as well as the spokesperson of this NPC session.

Is the current job more challenging and how do you assess the progress China has made in advancing democracy and the legal systems over the years?


? 中国有一句俗话,叫做“哪壶不开提哪壶”,这位记者提的问题大概有一半与这个有点相像,所以我要说的话就太多了。

There is a saying in China that some people keep asking questions that they should not ask about. And I think part of your question fits the description and I have so many to say in answering that question.


The foreign affairs committee studies, deliberates on and drafts external-related legislation under the leadership of the NPC and its standing committee. We also assist the standing committee in exercising some of its supervisory power. Each member on the committee has a vote and will make decisions collectively. And that’s is quite different from the practice in government departments, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where I used to work.


? 我顺便解释一下。在昨天以前,至少也有几十位中外记者要采访我,不知道怎么透露出去的,说我可能成为发言人,但是他们把“可能”二字忘记了,认为我就是发言人。实际上,我成为这次大会的发言人,是从今天上午10点50分开始生效的,所以我婉拒了所有的采访,请大家谅解。

And let me provide a bit of explanation here, before yesterday at least dozens of journalists both at home and abroad asked to interview me. I don’t know how they got the news, but they believed that I might become the spokesperson of this NPC session, except that they didn’t mention the word “might” in asking for interviews with me. The matter of the fact is that I was appointed the spokesperson of this session at 10:50 o’clock this morning.


The decision was taken at the just concluded presidium meeting that I would be the spokesperson of the session. As some one new to the foreign affairs committee, I’ve learning on the job. People’s position will change, but for me what has not changed is I’m still the son of my motherland, a servant to my people, a friend of my friends, a student always eager to learn.


? 一年以来,我在这里学得最多的、读得最多的就是宪法。我体会最深的就是宪法总纲所规定的,“中华人民共和国的一切权力属于人民”。在工作中,我和人大的同事们经常重温胡锦涛总书记多次强调的立党为公、执政为民,要始终全心全意为人民服务的理念。

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time reading and rereading China’s Constitution. And what have impressed me most is a sentence in the general principles chapter of the Constitution which reads All power in the People’s Republic of China belongs to the people. And in our work, my NPC colleagues and I frequently reflected on the words of general secretary Hu Jintao, he said we must establish the party for public interests, we must govern for the

people, and we must always serve the people whole heartedly.


? 改革开放30年来,人大坚持科学立法、民主立法。到今年1月底,现行有效的法律达231件,行政法规600多件,地方性法规7000多件,自治条例和单行条例600多件,中国特色社会主义法律体系已基本形成,对行政权力的监督不断加强,司法公正得到维护,符合国情的审判制度和检察制度日益完善,公民的法律素质和社会的法治化水平不断提高。谢谢。

Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, the NPC has been enacting legislation on a scientific and democratic basis. By the end of January this year, there are 231 pieces of legislation that are currently effective and in force. There are over 600 administrative regulations, over 7000 local regulations and over 600 regulations on the exercise of autonomy and other separate regulations. The socialist law system with Chinese features has basically taken shape. We’ve also increased supervision over administrative power, promoted judicial justice and improved our judicial and procuratorial work and systems in light of China’s conditions. Our citizens’ awareness and knowledge of laws and the level of the rule of law in our society have been constantly improved.


? 发言人您好,我是台湾无线卫星电视台记者。我们知道,在两岸关系新形势之下,全国政协已经与台湾展开了人员互访的交流,全国人大是否也有这样的计划和安排,发言人您本人是否也想会到台湾去访问?谢谢。

I’m with Taiwan TV station. National committee of CPPCC has carried out personnel exchanges with Taiwan. Does the NPC have the similar plans? And as the spokesperson of this session, do you want to visit Taiwan?



You can’t be more right. I wanted very much to visit the beautiful treasure island of China, Taiwan as soon as possible. I’ve never been there before. Actually it is a dream that I’ve always cherished. Over the many years I’ve been to many places, and in many places that I went to I can not but think of the precious and beautiful island of Taiwan. For example, once I visited Qinghai province on an official trip, and I visited a mountain by the name of Sun and Moon mountain. And at that point, I can not but think of the Sun and Moon lake in Taiwan.


And when I was reading, my mind often went to Taiwan as well. For example, I read about the story of Nu Wa, a legendary figure in China’s history who tried to repair the sky. Of course she worked very hard, but she forgot one place, that is sky over Ya’an, a scenic spot in China. And that’s why it rains quite often in that place



And let me continue with the legendary story of ??, Nu Wa forgot to repair the sky over Ya’an, because she sent two very beautiful and high-qualified pieces of materials to other places, and that’s sky over the island of Taiwan and the island of Hainan.


? 我愿意看到我们的伟大祖国能够尽早实现和平统一。我特别兴奋的是,现在看到两岸的关系正在积极地向前发展,两岸老百姓、两岸人民正在进行着友好和平的交流和合作。

So I want to see my great motherland to achieve peaceful reunification as soon as possible. I’m so excited to see that positive changes have taken place in the relations across the Taiwan Strait and the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are conducting friendly exchanges and peaceful cooperation.


In his important speech delivered to the symposium marking the 30th anniversary of the release of the message to compatriots in Taiwan, general secretary Hu Jintao made it clear that we looked forward to normalizing economic relations across the Taiwan street and institutionalizing the economic cooperation across the strait. The two sides of the Taiwan Strait may negotiate and conclude a comprehensive economic cooperation agreement in this regard and establish a economic cooperation mechanism with cross-strait features and so on. We very much want consultations and discussions with Taiwan side in this regard and make active progress.


? 大会发言人您好,我是人民日报记者。我注意到,有境外媒体报道认为,中国只搞经济体制改革,但是在政治体制改革方面基本没有什么进展。对这种说法,您是如何看待的?中国在政治体制改革方面有何打算?谢谢。

I’m with People’s Daily. Some overseas media have said that China has only conducted economic restructuring and has made little progress in political restructuring. How do you respond to such a comment and what plans dose China have in advancing political restructuring?


? 我不知道你说的发表这种观点的外国记者是谁,也不知道他是否在场,如果由他自己提这个意见会更好。实际上,我们一贯认为,没有民主就没有社会主义现代化。中国实行的改革是包括经济体制改革、政治体制改革、文化体制改革、社会体制改革等等在内的全面改革。

I don’t know which foreign media organization or foreign journalists made that claim, I think it would be even better if he or she is present here today and asked me that question. Actually we’ve always believed that without democracy there can be no socialist modernization. China has embarked on a reform that is comprehensive in nature. It covers economic restructuring, political restructuring, cultural restructuring and social restructuring.


Over the last 30 years of reform and opening up, we have been improving the systems of the Party and the state’s leadership, the system of people’s congresses, the system of multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the CPC, the system of regional ethnic autonomy, the system of primary-level democracy, and administrative management institutions, the legal system, decision-making mechanisms and the system for the restraint and oversight of power. These represent notable achievements in political restructuring. The long-term, sustained and fast growth of China’s economy and our social harmony and stability show that China’s political system fits our national conditions and generally meets the requirements of the economic and social development.


? 当然,我们进行的改革可能也不是某些西方政客或者是政治家所希望的那种改革,我们是中国特色社会主义的自我完善、自我发展。同我国经济社会发展的新形势相比,同保障人民民主权利、维护社会公平正义的新要求相比,我国政治体制改革还需要进一步完善,我们将适应人民不断提高的政治参与积极性,继续扩大人民民主,发展基层民主,扩大和壮大爱国统一战线,全面落实依法治国的基本方略,加快行政管理体制改革,完善制约和监督机制,扎实推进政治体制改革。谢谢。

Of course, the kind of reform we’ve carried out may not be one desired by politicians in Western countries. What we’ve carried out is the self-improvement and development of the socialism with Chinese features. In light of the involving situation in China’s economic and social development, and the increasing need to protect the people’s democratic rights and safeguard social equity and justice, we need to further improve China’s political system. We will adapt to the people’s increasing enthusiasm for participation in political affairs, continue to expand people’s democracy, develop primary-level democracy, expand the patriotic untied front, and comprehensively implement the basic strategy of running the country according to law. We will speed up administrative management system reform and improve the mechanism of restraint and oversight so as to make steady progress in political restructuring.


? 我是陕西日报的记者,我想给发言人提这样一个问题,党中央提出要保民生,今年全国人大在民生方面有哪些立法的计划?请介绍一下。

I’m with the ShaanXi Daily. In recent years the CPC central committee has attached importance to improving people’s welfare. Does the NPC have legislative plans in this regard? 李肇星:


We have already set that the aim and outcome of maintaining economic growth is to improve people’s well-being. In the year 2009, the central government budget will spend more on projects related to people’s welfare. We will develop education as a matter of priority. We will

speed up establishing a good medical and health care system. We will promote employment and reemployment……



? 法制日报记者: 谢谢主持人,我是法制日报记者。我的问题是,有人提出,我们的代表在哪里?认为与人大代表的联系不畅通,对此您有何评论?谢谢。

2009-03-04 11:54:20


? 越是简单的问题越重要。全国人大代表在哪里?现在都在北京开会。我想你想知道的是人大代表与群众的关系,应该说我们的人民群众与人大代表的联系渠道是畅通的。首先,全国人大代表是兼职的,有各自的本职工作,来自群众,和群众有直接的、密切的联系。近年来,为了进一步发挥代表作用,全国人大常委会及各省级人大常委会,每年都要组织全国人大代表开展专题调研和集中视察,走访基层群众。 2009-03-04 11:56:08


? 为了使代表们加强与群众和选区的沟通,十一届全国人大一次会议以来,各地按便于组织和开展活动的原则,按地区分布和代表职业,一共建立了近260个代表小组,制定了相应的活动计划,并设有召集人和联络员。代表小组通过座谈会、电子信箱等形式,为代表开展调研和就近联系群众提供方便。我们还将根据实际情况的发展,不断完善代表联系群众的方式。谢谢。

2009-03-04 11:57:51


? 我是印度报业托拉斯的记者。我想问,国际金融危机是否影响了中国向其他国家提供外援的力度? 2009-03-04 11:59:06


? 中国受国际金融危机的影响也不小,但是我们注意到,有许多的发展中国家受金融危机的影响也很大。中国一句话说得很好,“患难见真知”。在当前国际金融危机给发展中国家造成严重影响的情况下,我们更加珍惜同发展中国家的团结与合作。在这种情况下,我们不仅没有减少对一些发展中国家的援助,没有降低我们同发展中国家合作的水平。我们在全国人民团结一心、共克时艰,保证自己的经济社会又好又比较平稳的发展的同时,还在加大对发展中国家提供力所能及的援助,履行我们和有关国家已经签订的合作协议。

2009-03-04 11:59:44


? 我们中国人民有一个特点,就是首先知道感谢谁。我们永远不会忘记那么多的国家、那么多的人民,特别是发展中国家对中国多年来的支持。比如说,没有友好国家的支持,特别是没有非洲国家的支持,新中国能在19xx年恢复在联合国的合法席位吗?

2009-03-04 12:01:24


? 再比如说,去年的北京奥运会办得那么成功,我们也不要忘记感谢在中国北京申办奥运会的时候,那么多国际上的朋友对北京奥运会的支持。我们也感谢那么多的国家支持中国的上海成功申办将在明年举行的世博会。与此同时,我们也把一些发展中国家的困难看作我们自己的困难,愿意提供力所能及的帮助。 2009-03-04 12:02:12


? 时间已经超了,但是征得发言人的同意,再提两个问题。

2009-03-04 12:03:01


? 发言人您好,我是新华社记者。我的问题是关于劳动合同法的。目前有经济学家把现在一些企业可能遇到很多经营困难归结于劳动合同法的实施,提出可能要修改劳动合同法,甚至要暂停这部法律,请问您对此有何评价?谢谢。

2009-03-04 12:12:35


? 劳动合同法根据现阶段我国劳动关系的实际情况,针对劳动合同签订率低、劳动合同短期化、劳动用工不规范等问题,对劳动合同的订立、履行、变更、解除和争执等问题作了规定,为完善劳动合同制度,明确用人单位和职工双方的权利义务,保护劳动者的合法权益,构建并发展和谐稳定的劳动关系提供了法律保障。

2009-03-04 12:13:00


? 劳动合同法将劳动报酬、社会保险等事项规定为劳动合同的必备条款,并规定合同双方的义务,这是规范劳动关系的应有之义。劳动合同法规定了无固定期限的劳动合同并不是所谓的“铁饭碗”,也不是所谓的“终身制”。劳动合同法实施一年多来,应该说总体情况是好的,需要认真实施,宣传这部法律。 2009-03-04 12:13:44


? 法律是人民意志的体现。在制定劳动合同法的过程当中,全国人大常委会坚持科学立法、民主立法,广泛征求社会各方面的意见,经过反复研究、修改、权衡兼顾各方利益,经过四次审议,高票通过了劳动合同法。

2009-03-04 12:14:14


? 当前企业面临的经营困难是多种因素造成的,主要是美国的金融经营管理机制出了问题,导致国际金融危机的发生,造成了全球性的经济衰退。这次国际金融危机对我国的经济造成严重冲击,也给企业带来很大压力,实施劳动合同法,促进劳动关系和谐稳定,是应对国际金融危机的长远之计。当前形势下更要加强劳动关系协调,引导企业与职工和舟共济,克服困难,实现企业与劳动者的共赢。谢谢。 2009-03-04 12:15:10


? 谢谢大会主持人,我觉得非常地荣幸能够争取到最后一个机会。我是中国会计报的记者,在这里为我们的行业报纸争取到了一个机会。我的问题是这样的,现在大家都把目光聚焦到4万亿投资的具体投向问题,但是也有很多人非常关心政府的理财问题,比如我们可不可以像经营企业一样来经营政府,算一算每投入一笔钱会有怎样的产出和效益?谢谢发言人。

2009-03-04 12:18:24


? 这是我多少年以来碰到的我最不会答的问题。想想看,我连我自己家里花多少钱都不知道,或者是也不知道怎么正确地花。回答你这么敏感而重大的问题,真是有点难度。不过谢谢你给我一个机会,有的时候就是要化挑战为机遇。

2009-03-04 12:18:53


? 一、扩大政府公共投资,着力加强重点建设。主要用于农业基础设施和农村民生工程建设、保障性住房建设、教育医疗卫生等社会事业的建设,地震灾后恢复重建期间节能减排和生态建设,支持企业自主创新、技术改造和服务业发展,铁路、公路、机场和港口等基础设施建设。

2009-03-04 12:19:24


? 二、推进税费改革,实行结构性减税,减轻企业和居民税收负担,扩大企业投资,增强居民消费能力,全面实施消费性增值税,减轻企业税赋,促进企业增加自主创造和技术改造的投入。

2009-03-04 12:19:49


? 实施成品油税费改革,公平税费负担,推动节能减排,取消和停征100项行政事业性收费,继续执行个人所得税工薪所得减除费用标准,调高部分产品的出口退税率,取消和降低部分产品出口关税,降低证券交易印花税税率,并实行单边征收,暂免征收储蓄存款和证券交易结算资金利息所得税,降低住房交易税收等一系列税费减免政策。

2009-03-04 12:20:40


? 三、提高低收入人群的收入,大力促进消费需求。

2009-03-04 12:24:04


? 四、进一步优化财政支出结构,保障和改善民生。要加大对农民的补贴,支持农业生产,加快推进农村公共事业建设,推动农村改革与发展,着力保障和改善农村人民的生活。要增加对教育、医疗卫生、社会保障、就业、保障性住房、文化等领域的投入,同时要严格控制一般性支出,进一步降低行政成本。 2009-03-04 12:24:17


? 五、大力支持科技创新和节能减排,推动经济结构性调整和发展方式转变,加大科技投入,促进企业加快技术改造和技术进步。

2009-03-04 12:24:43


? 要稳步推进资源的有偿使用制度和生态环境补偿机制改革。我们这样做都是根据宪法的有关规定。我们宪法的第26条规定,“国家保护和改善生活环境和生态环境,防治污染和其他公害。”第26条第2款还规定,“国家组织和鼓励植树造林,保护林木。”春天即将到来,我也借此机会表示一下,希望至少是我们今天在场的,不管是记者还是我们的工作人员,也都在植树造林、绿化环境、保护我们的环境方面多尽点力。谢谢。

2009-03-04 12:25:37


? 下面是另一个“最后一个问题”。

2009-03-04 12:28:27


? 非常荣幸,非常感谢主持人给我们中新社和中新网这次提问的机会。还是想问一下发言人一个关于外交方面的问题。正如唐家璇前不久所说的那样,中法关系目前处于关键时期,不知道您是否能够谈一下中法关系将来会如何发展,中方目前抱着一个什么样的姿态?圆明园兔首铜像这件事情,您是怎么看的?您是否认为这件事情会影响中法关系之间的回暖?谢谢。

2009-03-04 12:28:44


? 我愿意和您一块儿重温《中华人民共和国宪法》序言当中的一句话,那就是“中国的前途是同世界的前途紧密地联系在一起的”。中国愿意和世界各国和平相处、友好相处,争取在共同发展当中互利共赢。中国十分珍惜中法友好关系,十分珍惜中国人民和法国人民的友谊。

2009-03-04 12:29:20


? 你所提到的拍卖事件,之所以引起那么多的反映,中国公民议论很多,有的已经表达了愤慨。对这个



2009-03-04 12:49:20


? 说得轻一点,这种拍卖不能给拍卖者的祖国的好传统带来任何光荣,结果可能是恰恰相反。的确,文化是没有国界的,但是任何和文化有关的人是有祖国的。不管你是哪国人、你干什么事情,应该想想不要使自己祖国的名声受到伤害。就个人而言,干这种事情恐怕对个人也不一定真正有好处。中国有句话,叫做“君子爱财、取之有道”。你把这样的文物、抢夺来的文物拿来拍卖,不能算“有道”。

2009-03-04 12:49:59


? 即使你拍卖成功,一切都顺利,得了好多钱,放在家里,能够心安理得地享受吗?现在看,你伤害了一个从来没有做过对不起你的事情的国家人民的感情,结果你们享受着这样的收入,你能幸福吗?你的良知不会感到尴尬,甚至可怜吗?法国人民和其他国家人民一样,都热爱自由。法国的邻国西班牙有一位作家叫塞万提斯,他说过“真正的自由是把握好自己”。损害了别人的尊严,自己的尊严也会受害。

2009-03-04 12:50:24


? 还有一点,恰好是在巴黎,有教科文组织的总部。教科文组织早在19xx年就通过一项公约,那就是各个成员国达成共识,要把从别的国家抢来的文物归还给原来的国家。


2009-03-04 12:50:45


? 3月13日会议闭幕后,国务院总理温家宝将与采访会议的中外记者见面,并回答大家关心的问题。大会新闻中心将组织若干场人大代表和有关部门负责人的集体采访,联系和安排记者的个别采访。大会新闻中心将通过新闻中心网页等方式向大家公布每天的采访信息。感谢人大常委会副秘书长李连宁先生,感谢外交部翻译孙灵。


2009-03-04 12:51:27



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